GCom2 Solutions Europe Limited
GCom≤ Solutions is the global leading provider of financial reporting applications and solutions.

Our market leading application FundSuite® SXô provides a single platform for all of your financial and regulatory reporting requirements, fact sheet production and expense management. This coupled with our report production services GCom≤ RPSô allows us to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution to report and marketing material production. GCom≤ Solutions is the only company to service your full range of needs, from automating your financial reporting, to fully outsourced solutions and typesetting.

Services offered
FundSuite® SXô

The market leading financial reporting platform

FundSuite® SXô was developed by financial administrators based on the belief that the specific needs of our industry require a focused, dedicated solution that leaving investment accounting systems to focus on calculating asset values and financial printers to focus on printing.

FundSuite® SXô makes the complexities of financial reporting manageable and much more efficientósaving you time and money and making the decision of which financial printer you choose much more about the price of paper and ink and much less about how to do your financial reporting.

Portfolio reporting modules can produce:
- Schedule of Investments
- Statement of Net Assets
- Layered Disclosures
- Quarterly/Monthly Reports

Financial Modules can produce:
- Statement of Assets and Liabilities
- Statement of Operations
- Statement of Changes in Net Assets
- Financial Highlights
- Supporting Schedules and Proofing Statements
- Statement of Cash Flows

GCom≤ RPSô

GCom≤ RPSô is a suite of report production services that can be tailored to meet your unique report preparation process. Service offerings include data management, statement creation, digital printing, composition services and fulfillment. GCom≤ RPSô manages these tasks for you and allows you to focus on disclosure accuracy and regulatory compliance.
GCom≤ Solutions works with you and your team to design a production workflow which matches up your strengths and challenges with our industry proven solutions. The result is a process that delivers greater precision and dependability and reduces your overall costs.

Our Deliver the Data, Receive the Report methodology allows you to review quality, stylised output throughout the production without the burden of manual formatting and style management. Just deliver the data inputs to GCom≤ RPSô and you will receive back a fully stylised set of statements reflective of past changes and current reporting preferences.

So why is our service the best? The answers are simple:
- GCom≤ RPSô services are built around the industry leading reporting platform, FundSuite SX.
- GCom≤ RPSô services can be tailored to meet your unique report preparation process whilst remaining fully integrated, giving greater efficiency.
- GCom≤ RPSô staff are experienced industry professionals, who understand all the nuances of the reporting process.
The combination of these advantages provides comprehensive content management from data input through to the finished report.

GCom≤ RPSô Benefits

- Your resources can concentrate on core competencies and add value to your client relationships
- Reduced costs through optimised resources and process efficiency
- A customised service model tailored to your needs
- Iterative production process with opportunities to make and retain disclosure changes for future reporting periods