Standard Bank
Standard Bank Fund Administration Jersey Limited and Standard Bank Jersey Limited, being part of Standard Bank Offshore Group Limited, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Standard Bank Group Limited.

Established in 1862, the group has gone from strength to strength in the global arena, currently having assets of US$119 billion (as at 31 December 2005) and has become a recognised provider of financial services. Standard Bank Group Limited now has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, providing access to an international network that meets the needs of a diverse client base.

Standard Bank's offshore operation is one of the leading financial institutions in Jersey and is at the forefront in the provision of fund administration and custodian services to fund and associated structures. Our clients include the investment houses of a number of US, European, Middle Eastern, South American and South African institutions.

As one of the world's premier financial institutions you'll find we are the perfect "one stop shop" for the administration and custody of your funds.
Services offered
The following services are provided to a variety of structures:
- Start-up consultation
- Accounting
- Share/unit pricing/net asset value calculations
- Share/unitholder/partnership records
- Company secretarial facilities
- Fee calculation, collection & disbursement
- As listing members of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange we are able to sponsor fund listings
- Assisting hedge fund managers with establishing physical presence in Jersey.

Standard Bank are one of the few providers in Jersey able to act as custodian/trustee as a supplement to its administration services. We can provide:
- Full range of custodian/trustee and banking services
- Foreign exchange and derivatives trading
- Placement of fiduciary deposits
- Trade execution services
- Banking accounts established in any major traded currency for the receipt of investment monies and longer term deposits
- Provision of short term financing to meet settlement mis-matches and redemptions
- Secured leveraging.