Our databank comprises latest figures and historic data which are supplied to analysts, service providers and others by means of a spreadsheet service.
Global and local custodians
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Notes: The above tables are based on data supplied to us by the service providers listed. Our lead table depicts each custodian's headline figure; this can be purely assets under custody or can extend to assets under custody and/or administration; in some cases, it can include client assets for other lines of business. For details, please contact us.

Reproduction of asset data: the Asset Tables at fundservices.net are © fundservices.net.  No reproduction, distribution or storage of any of the above data.  With prior written consent, we permit recognized publications to reproduce certain extracts of our lead tables, based on providers' headline figures, subject to including appropriate attribution; please ask via the 'contact' facility at the foot of the page.

Manipulation of asset data: no manipulation of our raw data - and no reproduction, distribution or storage of materials derived from such manipulation - without the purchase of an appropriate licence. Such licence exists for the duration of the subscription.

Errors & omissions excepted: the above table calls on figures from our extensive databank, but is prepared in real-time by our systems and has not been vouched by our staff.  If you wish to reproduce data or conduct analysis, we urge you to ask for data to be provided in spreadsheet form - allowing us to have a staff-person prepare the spreadsheet and another staff-person vouch the data.

Data tables: we supply tables and bespoke spreadsheets containing the latest data and historic data for years since 1999.  Tell us your requirements.